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About The Maker

I've been making things such as custom stringed instruments, guitar accessories (guitar pickups and effects) and electronic instruments inspired by "circuit bending" since 1999.

Residing on Long Island, NY, I make MIDI controllers, digital synthesizers and guitar accessories.

Some of my past creations can be found by searching for the AxeSynth, SpaceAxe, SpaceBox, DrumAxe, Super Synth Drums for the NES, and other things made under my former business (and website) name "ElectroKraft".

Some websites with more info:

LunaKraft Blog

LunaKraft Guitar Pickups


AxeSynth on Wikipedia


AxeSynth on "Music Thing" Website

SpaceBox on CDM

LunarModule on CDM

SonarAxe on CDM

SpaceAxe on CDM

Super Synth Drums Cartridge for the NES

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